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Recruitment Contest

Voxi, Mar 4, 12 4:57 PM.
For the member who recruits the most in the month of March, a bonus of 2,000g will be paid. Should the recruitment numbers exceed expectations (100 or more), this amount will increase to 5,000g.

Your recruits must be active players. Parked alts do not count. They can be levelers or 85's but they MUST be active.

Your recruits must participate in events and runs that count toward our guild xp increase. If our guild xp is not increasing, the guild is not active. This contest is an incentive to promote guild activity.

Recruitment Info

Voxi, Mar 4, 12 4:45 PM.
<Asphyxia> is now recruiting for formation of RBG & Arena Teams. Seasoned PvP'ers as well as those who are interested in learning & gearing up are welcome. Bring your friends, enemies or even your grandparents. We're not picky, but we'd prefer that you're mature (18+) will bring no drama and aren't an elitist douche. 

PVE'ers & Alts:
Everyone is welcome to join. We're proactive in helping level alts, grouping for achieves, dailies, heroics, etc. Keep in mind that we currently have no raid team and do not anticipate having one. If you are interested in creating & running a raid team, separately or in addition to PvP teams, please send an in game email to the GM. 

Guild Level:
We are currently on the cusp of Lvl 2 (Fast Track) But are in dire need of more members to help us grow. We are prepared to increase our level quickly, but first need members to help us get that done. If you'd like to assist in daily heroics and guild achieves (We need at least 3 members per 5 man, 8 per 10 man, etc) please be sure to let someone know when you're available so we can loosely schedule & coordinate our runs. 

We currently have Max'd JC, Enchanting, Tailoring, Mining, Alchemy, Herbalism and aTransmute Master on staff should you need to have anything gathered or crafted. Keep in mind that while you should not be tipping guildies for their help, you should also not take advantage of their kindness & if possible provide your own mats. 

We have several Mage's for ports, at least 1 Vial of the Sands & Chopper for help in transporting when necessary. This should help circumvent our lack of Mass Summon until we can reach that level. 

We currently have 6 bank tabs. Each tab is designated for certain items which are being gathered, crafted, deposited and stored for use by members in RBG/Raid/Gearing situations, as well as mats for those who will be leveling professions. Be assured that should you make donations of materials, they will never be sold on the AH or vendored for gold. You may request any items pertinent to your need, but they should never be taken to sell.

Guild Repairs: 
We anticipate offering guild repairs to Members once our funds reach a sustainable level. 

*All levels/classes are welcome to join but for those under 85 interested in starting or joining a pvp team, please be sure to recruit others in your level bracket to fill spots. 

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